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49 MLB Players deceased in Indianapolis, IN

#PlayerDate of Death
1.Wally Andrews1/20/1940
2.Paddy Baumann11/20/1969
3.Joe Beggs7/19/1983
4.Frederick Boardman4/12/1941
5.Elmer Brown1/23/1955
6.Donie Bush3/28/1972
7.Phil Coridan7/1/1915
8.John Corriden6/4/2001
9.Red Corriden9/28/1959
10.George Craig4/23/1911
11.Dom Dallessandro4/29/1988
12.Pete Daniels2/13/1928
13.Rex Dawson10/20/1958
14.Harry Deane5/31/1925
15.Biddy Dolan7/15/1950
16.Jim Duggan12/5/1951
17.Ike Eichrodt7/14/1965
18.Hod Eller7/18/1961
19.Charlie French3/30/1962
20.Charlie Gray6/1/1900
21.John Grim7/28/1961
22.Mike Heydon10/13/1913
23.Carmen Hill1/1/1990
24.Johnny Hutchings4/27/1963
25.Jeff James5/7/2006
26.Russ Kemmerer12/8/2014
27.Chuck Klein3/28/1958
28.Bob Logan5/20/1978
29.Al McCauley8/24/1917
30.Willie McGill8/29/1944
31.Larry McKeon7/18/1915
32.Larry Murphy10/6/1911
33.George Orme3/17/1962
34.Toad Ramsey3/27/1906
35.Duke Reilley3/4/1968
36.Johnny Riddle12/15/1998
37.Reb Russell9/30/1973
38.Hank Schreiber2/23/1968
39.Frank Sigafoos4/12/1968
40.John Slagle2/19/1915
41.Bill Sowders2/2/1951
42.John Sowders7/29/1939
43.Len Sowders11/21/1888
44.Ed Summers5/12/1953
45.Peek-A-Boo Veach11/12/1937
46.Harry Weber12/22/1926
47.Bill Whaley3/3/1943
48.Jack White9/30/1963
49.Charlie Whitehouse7/19/1960

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