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42 MLB Players deceased in San Antonio, TX

#PlayerDate of Death
1.Harry Ables2/8/1951
2.Gair Allie10/4/2016
3.Gene Bedford10/6/1977
4.Harry Betts5/22/1946
5.Lindsay Brown1/1/1967
6.Frank Browning5/19/1948
7.Perry Currin1/17/2011
8.Charlie Engle10/12/1983
9.Homer Ezzell8/3/1976
10.Howie Fox10/9/1955
11.Cy Fried10/9/1970
12.Tim Griesenbeck3/25/1953
13.Joe Hague11/5/1994
14.Sam Harshaney2/1/2001
15.Stan Hollmig12/4/1981
16.Bernie James8/1/1994
17.Augie Johns9/12/1975
18.Paul Kardow4/27/1968
19.Joe Keough9/9/2019
20.Jack Knight7/30/1976
21.Jack Kraus1/2/1976
22.Al LaMacchia9/15/2010
23.Al Lawson11/29/1954
24.Johnny Lucadello10/30/2001
25.Blas Monaco2/10/2000
26.Pat Newnam6/20/1938
27.Dick Phelan2/13/1931
28.Topper Rigney6/7/1972
29.Art Scharein7/2/1969
30.Carl Scheib3/24/2018
31.Frank Snyder1/5/1962
32.Buck Stanton1/1/1992
33.Charley Suche2/11/1984
34.Brian Traxler11/19/2004
35.Joe Vance7/4/1978
36.Pat Veltman10/1/1980
37.Jake Volz8/11/1962
38.Paul Wachtel12/15/1964
39.Rube Waddell4/1/1914
40.Bill Warwick12/19/1984
41.Tex Wisterzil6/27/1964
42.Ross Youngs10/22/1927

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