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37 MLB Players deceased in Fort Worth, TX

#PlayerDate of Death
1.Walt Alexander12/29/1978
2.Wingo Anderson12/19/1950
3.Robert Armstrong12/3/1917
4.Tom Baker1/3/1991
5.Scotty Barr12/2/1934
6.Bobby Bragan1/21/2010
7.Joe Bratcher10/13/1977
8.Tex Carleton1/12/1977
9.Cecil Coombs11/25/1975
10.Billy Crowell7/24/1935
11.Pete Donohue2/23/1988
12.Jim Galloway5/3/1950
13.Bill Gannon4/26/1927
14.Lon Goldstein1/28/2013
15.Oscar Jones3/16/1953
16.Hod Kibbie10/19/1975
17.Harry Kinzy6/22/2003
18.Ed Konetchy5/27/1947
19.Clarence Kraft3/25/1958
20.Bill McCahan7/3/1986
21.Dutch Meyer1/19/2003
22.Jake Mooty4/20/1970
23.Howard Murphy10/5/1926
24.Ray Murray4/9/2003
25.Kid Nance5/28/1958
26.Rollie Naylor6/18/1966
27.Joe Pate12/26/1948
28.Art Phelan12/27/1964
29.Dee Phillips11/4/2004
30.Tony Robello12/25/1994
31.Charlie Robertson8/23/1984
32.Bill Sodd5/14/1998
33.Bill Stuart10/14/1928
34.Jackie Tavener9/14/1969
35.Harry Taylor1/24/2013
36.Ed Wheeler8/15/1960
37.Ray Wolf10/4/1979

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