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35 MLB Players deceased in Milwaukee, WI

#PlayerDate of Death
1.Jimmy Archer3/29/1958
2.Jap Barbeau9/10/1969
3.Bunny Brief2/11/1963
4.Ted Cieslak5/9/1993
5.Charlie Cushman6/29/1909
6.Charlie Dougherty2/18/1925
7.Tom Dougherty11/6/1953
8.Hi Ebright10/24/1916
9.Al Eckert4/20/1974
10.Happy Felsch8/17/1964
11.Fabian Gaffke2/8/1992
12.Ernie Groth5/23/1950
13.Bert Husting9/3/1948
14.Al Klawitter10/8/1945
15.Nap Kloza6/11/1962
16.Art Kores3/26/1974
17.Dan Lally4/14/1936
18.Tom Lee3/4/1886
19.Johnny Logan8/9/2013
20.Frank Luce2/3/1942
21.Lou Manske4/27/1963
22.Dan Marion1/18/1933
23.George McBride7/2/1973
24.Tom Nagle3/9/1946
25.Dave Nelson4/23/2018
26.George Nicol8/4/1924
27.Bill Norman4/21/1962
28.Hal Peck4/13/1995
29.Frank Schneiberg5/18/1948
30.Ralph Shinners7/23/1962
31.Al Simmons5/26/1956
32.Pat Sullivan4/14/1901
33.Adonis Terry2/24/1915
34.Norm Wallen6/20/1994
35.Tony Welzer3/18/1971

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