The Super Calculator, another gift from Barry via "The Don": Calculate any algebraic stat for batting/pitching/fielding with a maximum of one denominator

The super calculator allows you to enter a custom statistical formula and return the leaders for your particular custom stat. In order to block spam, we do not allow a user to enter numbers/items manually into the super calculator screen, so please use the calculator buttons at your leisure. The super calculator allows for 1 denominator and 1 numerator for the entire term. Stats with 2 or more denominators are not allowed at this time. If your stat does not have a denominator, simply enter your stat formula using the calculator buttons. If it contains a fraction, the calculator is setup to assume the numerator of your custom stat is everything that you type before you press the "/" sign, and the denominator is setup to be everything you type after the "/" sign. A denominator line will populate the text box after you press the "/" key. Therefore, no parentheses are needed to enclose the entire numerator and entire denominator.

Note1: Constant multipliers are entered as 5.2 * HR. If your multiplier is a fraction, i.e., ¼, use the decimal equivalent. Either punch in .25 or 0.25 into the calculator.

Note2: At-Bat and Innings Pitched and Games Played Qualifiers. If you enter a stat with a divisor sign in the super calculator, it will use an (at-bat/innings pitched/games played) qualifier for your return results based on (hitting/pitching/fielding). The (at-bat/innings pitched/games played) qualifier is the same as our other programs and will be shown on the top of your returned results page if a qualifier applies. If no dividing sign is detected, the stat will not have an (At-Bat/Innings Pitched/Games Played) Qualifier.

Note3: Order of Operations. The calculator follows DMAS (Divide Multiply Add Subtract). If you want to override this, you need to use parentheses like regular math expressions. See below:

--> Example 1: BB + AB x H will multiply AB x H first, and then add in BB
--> Example 2: (BB + AB) x H will add BB and AB, and then multiply that quantity by H.

Example 1 - No denominators. Custom stat equals 3 * Triples + 4 * HR. Press the following keys:

Example 2 - Fraction stat. Custom stat equals TB + BB + HBP divided by AB - H. Press the following keys:

Note4: Rounding. A drop-down menu is available to round your stat to a certain amount of digits.

Note5: A button selection is available for result sorting. Select Sort Results Descending to see highest to lowest, otherwise, select Sort Results Ascending to see lowest to highest.