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The Barry Code Codell and Traditional Statistical Leader Search Instructions

This leader search engine allows you 4 categories of search listed below.

Search Types:

Time Period - with a minimum start year of 1901
This criteria lets you search by all of Major League Baseball (MLB), National League only (NL), American League only (AL), American League East (ALE), American League Central (ALC), American League West (ALW), National League East (NLE), National League Central (NLC), or National League West (NLW). You can also search by a selected team. Team Codes are listed Below:
This 3rd criterion allows you to select the particular statistic you wish to see leaders for. There are also 2 options called "Bat Special" and "Pitch Special", which allows you to enter up to 5 different mathematical batting/pitching statistic conditions to search for. A third option on the Codell leaderboard menu is Bat Special 2, which allows you a hybrid 5 choice condition using both Codell and Traditional stats. In addition, on the traditional leaderboard, there is a You_Choose option which allows you to calculate any algebraic stat for batting, pitching, or fielding. You are allowed a maximum of 1 denominator. Simply select the You_Choose item under the Batting Menu for Batting, You_Choose item under the pitching divider for pitching, else, the You_Choose option under the Fielding menu for Fielding. For more details, visit Super Calculator Instructions.
Batting/Throwing Position
This criteria lets you search by All hitters/pitchers regardless of Batting/Throwing Position, Left-Handed Hitters/Pitchers only, Right-Handed Hitters/Pitchers only, or Switch Hitters only. If you select a pitching stat, the menu activates to show you how a player throws. Batting Position and Throwing Codes are listed below:
Grand Total: Include PostSeason

The only dropdown that must be selected is the Stat menu. The others are set to default to the first Item you see if you do not select anything. Selections from the other 3 menus filter your criteria stated above. Select your criteria from each of the 4 drop down menus and then Press the search button to obtain your results.
Notice - Certain Stats and Options on the menu may appear and disappear based on your choices. This is to ensure correct combos are available for you and illogical combos are eliminated so you can better enjoy your BarryCode experience.