22 MLB Players deceased in Albany, NY

#PlayerDate of Death
1.Willie Adams6/18/1937
2.Billy Arnold1/18/1899
3.King Brady8/21/1947
4.Mike Burke6/9/1889
5.Sun Daly4/30/1938
6.Mickey Devine10/1/1937
7.Johnny Evers3/28/1947
8.Joe Evers1/4/1949
9.Matty Fitzgerald9/22/1949
10.Jack Gilbert7/7/1941
11.Johnny Grabowski5/23/1946
12.Billy Harrell5/6/2014
13.Tom Hess12/15/1945
14.Ed MacGamwell5/26/1924
15.Ed McDonald3/11/1946
16.John Pappalau5/12/1944
17.Mike Regan5/22/1961
18.Pat Simmons7/3/1968
19.Hank Simon1/1/1925
20.Red Tramback12/28/1979
21.Deke White11/27/1957
22.Mellie Wolfgang6/30/1947

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