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Question for Monday, December 31, 2012

Q:  Finally,"Momem" gets his Diamond moment!Like yesterday's Sandy,he started in '55 but found All Star status in the '60's.In 1966,his 1st of 2 straight .400AA/200H/100R/100RBI years(last NL'er to do it!)earned an MVP,as '65 MVP(and fellow Series MVP!)Koufax(off whom he had a career .401 AA!)won a last Cy Young.40 years of his absence tonight call us to call this great player(only inside-the-park walk-off grand slammer!)and greater man's name!

Answer for yesterday: Sunday, December 30, 2012

Q:  We recall yesterday's Rube Walker both catching this teenage(yet 77 years young today!)bonus baby's 1st pitch for Brooklyn and pinch-hitting for him his 1st game as an LA Dodger!Born a Jewish Braun like fellow MVP Ryan,he still has the greatest 5 year W-L Differential of any lively-ball pitcher!Being bested by 1 K for seasonal sovereignty by Rube's Met pupil Ryan(Nolan!) couldn't faze this laconic lefty legend.Proclaim once more his obvious(from age 9)name!

A:  Sandy Koufax

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