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45 MLB Players deceased in Buffalo, NY

#PlayerDate of Death
1.Scrappy Carroll11/14/1942
2.Jimmy Collins3/6/1943
3.Mickey Corcoran12/9/1950
4.Ernie Courtney2/29/1920
5.Bill Cristall1/28/1939
6.George Daly12/12/1957
7.Iron Davis6/4/1961
8.Pat Dealy12/17/1924
9.Herm Doscher3/20/1934
10.Frank Drews4/22/1972
11.Bill Duzen3/11/1944
12.Dave Eggler4/5/1902
13.John Gillespie6/24/1926
14.Jocko Halligan2/13/1945
15.Pete Hill11/19/1951
16.Bill Hunter4/10/1934
17.Stan Jok3/6/1972
18.Tom Kearns12/7/1938
19.Howie Krist4/23/1989
20.Chuck Lauer5/4/1915
21.Joe Martin9/28/1960
22.Dick McCabe4/11/1950
23.Joe McCarthy1/13/1978
24.Sandy McDougal10/2/1910
25.Jim McGuire1/26/1917
26.Stover McIlwain1/15/1966
27.Norm McNeil4/11/1942
28.Billy Milligan10/14/1928
29.Johnny Mokan2/10/1985
30.George Myers12/14/1926
31.Jim Neher11/11/1951
32.Eddie Phillips1/26/1968
33.Frankie Pytlak5/8/1977
34.Thomas Reynolds5/1/1913
35.Jim Riley3/25/1949
36.Chet Ross2/21/1989
37.Monk Sherlock11/26/1985
38.Heinie Smith6/25/1939
39.Chubby Snyder3/24/1954
40.Joe Stabell7/10/1923
41.Harry Taylor7/12/1955
42.Ty Tyson8/16/1953
43.Joe Walsh1/6/1967
44.Art Watson5/9/1950
45.Elmer Zacher12/20/1944

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