High Fives: Top 5 in Batters Hall of Fame Categories

SINGLE SEASON (300 AB Qualifier for Averages)

Batting Bases
1.Babe Ruth606
2.Barry Bonds597
3.Babe Ruth573
4.Lou Gehrig559
5.Babe Ruth554
Tallied Bases
1.Babe Ruth696
2.Lou Gehrig694
3.Hack Wilson674
4.Chuck Klein656
5.Lou Gehrig648
Average Bases
1.Babe Ruth651.0
2.Lou Gehrig610.5
3.Lou Gehrig603.5
4.Hack Wilson601.5
5.Babe Ruth599.0
1.Barry Bonds2.286
2.Barry Bonds2.083
3.Babe Ruth1.898
4.Barry Bonds1.866
5.Babe Ruth1.808
1.Babe Ruth2.071
2.Babe Ruth2.070
3.Barry Bonds1.933
4.Ted Williams1.882
5.Babe Ruth1.863
1.Barry Bonds2.109
2.Babe Ruth1.984
3.Babe Ruth1.938
4.Barry Bonds1.935
5.Ted Williams1.836

CAREER (5000 AB Qualifier for Averages)

Batting Bases
1.Barry Bonds1986-20078640
2.Hank Aaron1954-19768290
3.Babe Ruth1914-19357898
4.Stan Musial1941-19637786
5.Albert Pujols2001-20227707
Tallied Bases
1.Hank Aaron1954-19768942
2.Babe Ruth1914-19358782
3.Barry Bonds1986-20078446
4.Ty Cobb1905-19288366
5.Albert Pujols2001-20228264
Average Bases
1.Hank Aaron1954-19768616.0
2.Barry Bonds1986-20078543.0
3.Babe Ruth1914-19358340.0
4.Albert Pujols2001-20227985.5
5.Stan Musial1941-19637793.0
1.Babe Ruth1914-19351.430
2.Ted Williams1939-19601.375
3.Lou Gehrig1923-19391.252
4.Barry Bonds1986-20071.250
5.Jimmie Foxx1925-19451.170
1.Babe Ruth1914-19351.590
2.Lou Gehrig1923-19391.471
3.Ted Williams1939-19601.440
4.Jimmie Foxx1925-19451.339
5.Hank Greenberg1930-19471.305
1.Babe Ruth1914-19351.510
2.Ted Williams1939-19601.407
3.Lou Gehrig1923-19391.362
4.Jimmie Foxx1925-19451.254
5.Barry Bonds1986-20071.236

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